Rules and regulations

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Rules and regulations

Liberty code

Liberty has a good reputation thanks to fair and honest practices in its own management and in all its business negotiations. The company code relates to all employees of the company and their subsidiaries all over the world. It serves to help us understand our ethic and legal duties which we encounter in our work. All our workers are acquainted with the code and trained in detail. These trainings are repetitive and their frequency is set to 3 years. You can find the full version of the code HERE.

Among others we are obliged in our code to:

n Strictly observe competition laws and anti-trust rules,

n Act in line with anti-corruption laws,

n Treat everybody with fairness and dignity

n Not to tolerate any discrimination based on race, colour of skin, sex, age, religion, ethnicity or nationality, handicap or on any other unethical reasons,

n Provide to everybody with equal opportunities and differentiate employees only according to their performance, abilities or qualification,

n Secure everyone a working environment free of any form of sexual or other harassment.

We respect all human rights

Liberty published and without exceptions abides by an independent human rights policy. All our employees take trainings which clarify their rights and duties in adherence to human rights.

Liberty Ostrava Code of conduct

pdf Rules on responsible sales approach

pdf Environmental policy

pdf Health and safety policy

pdf Human rights policy

pdf Whistleblowing policy

pdf Anti-trust regulation

pdf Stakeholder support procedure

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