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Railway Wheel-Sets

This unit provides production of axles, assembly and repair of wheel–sets for railway vehicles, including replacement of tyres, disc and gearing wheels, brake discs, installation of bearing boxes on axle journals, static balancing of solid and tyred wheels, and the prescribed tests.

The unit holds certification qualifying it for deliveries for Czech and Slovak Railways. More than 60-year long tradition with production of wheel–sets for diesel-electric locomotives, railway cars, suburb motor trains, pantograph units, tramway axles and mono-blocks, cars for steel production and prototypes.

Basic portfolio of products and services:

Odrážka Railway wheel–sets
      - Production of new wheel–sets
      - Repairs of wheel–sets (tyres, discs, brake discs, gear wheels)
Odrážka Axles (for railway vehicles and tramways)
      - Driving axles
      - Common axles
      - Disc-wheel axles
Odrážka Tramway monoblock wheels



Tests of material and mechanical parts for identification of surface and internal defects by the following methods:

Odrážka ultrasound method
Odrážka capillary method
Odrážka magnetic powder method
Odrážka visual method


All tests are documented by the corresponding protocols in accordance with EN, ČSN.


Production parameters

Wheel-set parameters

Wheel diameter:360 mm - 1 250 mm
Wheel track:max. 1 680 mm
Weight:max. 3 000 kg


Axles – driving, common and axles for trams

Length: max. 2 400 mm
Diameter: max. 450 mm
Weight: max. 1 000 kg
Material:ČSN 11 558.1, ČSN 15 230.9, Os.L as per GOST 4728-79,

EA1N, EA4T as per EN 13261;

hot rolled round bar grade 15 230.9


Rolled and cast solid wheels, composite (tyred) wheels

External diameter:max. 1 250 mm
Weight:max. 1 000 kg
Rolled wheels:profile as per UIC – ORE, or based on agreement, material: as per EN 13 262 (UIC 812-3)
Cast wheels: material as per ČSN 42 2711, 42 2712, 42 2650, 42 2660, or based on agreement, any shape of the wheel (depending on the customer)
Tyred wheels: disc castings, material 20L, 25L as per GOST 977-75, 4491-86

up to a diameter of 900 mm, or based on agreement. Castings of material ČSN 42 2650,

ČSN 42 2660, external diameter 710 mm - 900 mm, any shape of the wheel

(depending on the customer)



External diameter: max. 1 250 mm
Material: rolled piece of quality grade as per UIC 810-1 or GOST 398-2010


Monoblock wheels for trams

External diameter650 mm - 710 mm
Rim width:85 mm - 120 mm
Material:rolled piece of quality grade as per TM1 (12 063.7), or based on agreement..


More information:


Ing. Pavel Sedláček
T +420 595 686 521
M +420 720 747 016


Michal Bubík
T +420 595 682 926
M +420 720 747 551

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