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    System Certification

    ArcelorMittal Ostrava a.s. Company was the first metallurgical company in the Czech Republic to introduce ISO 9000 standards... 1992.System Certification
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    Management System

    The integrated Management System of Quality, Environment and Health and Safety... Management System
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    System and the Health and Safety

    The Quality Management System, the Environment Management System and the Health and Safety... System and the Health and Safety
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    Declaration of Performance

    Manufacturer ArcelorMittal Ostrava issued following Declaration of performance... Declaration of Performance

Product Certification

Product Authorized Body Grade / type Download
Long products – round steel bars, flat, square, sections L, T, I/IPE, HEA/HEB, E, U, UE, special sections. TZUS Prague S235JR, J0, J2 ikona
S275JR, J0, J2 ikona
S355JR, J0, J2 ikona
S355K2 ikona
S355M ikona
S355J0W, J2W, K2W ikona
S420M ikona
E295, E335, E360 ikona
E295 for mine sections ikona
Steel sections TH ikona
Simptest Katowice Sections TH29, TH34, TH36 grade 31Mn4 ikona
TZUS Prague Rails for mine and field tracks G 93x18, G 115x24 ikona
I 155 for overhead trolley systems ikona
JKL 55 – crane rails ikona
Threaded bars AMTB AMTB670 ikona
Bars with threaded ribs for reinforcement of concrete AMTB500 B500B ikona
Bars with ribs for reinforcement of concrete B500B ikona
Bars with ribs for reinforcement of concrete cold stretched, in coils B500B ikona
Reinforcing steel - Threaded rods AMTB CARES
Reinforcing steel - Threaded rods AMTB EMPA
Swiss Certification
B500B ikona
Anchor Rods Prüfstelle für Betonstahl Prof. Dr.-Ing. G. Rehm München St 900/1100 ikona
Reinforcing steel threaded rib diameter 16 - 32 mm B500B ikona
Reinforcing steel threaded rib diameter 40 and 50 mm B500B ikona
Threaded Bars AMTB diameter 63,5 mm S 555/700 ikona
Threaded Rib Bars diameter 63,5 mm S 555/700 ikona
Reinforcing steel - bars
Reinforcing steel in coils
Technical university München B500B ikona
ZETOM Katowice B500B ikona
Reinforcing steel ribbed TOP BST 550 WIEN - ZERT B500B ikona
B500B ikona
Reinforcing steel with threaded rib B500B ikona
AMTB670 ikona
Round bars for concrete reinforcement TZUS Prague 10 216 ikona
Thin-walled open steel profiles, type - U profiles crash barrier, a special type C, V, SIGMA ikona
Special bars and thin-walled open sections S235JR ikona
Wire Rod S235JR, S275JR ikona
For drawing / cold rolling ikona
TSUS Bratislava 10 216 ikona
Piling cold-formed carbon steel ikona
Flat products - strips and sheets TZUS Prague S235, S275, S355 JR(C), J0(C), J2(C), ikona
with increased resistance to atmospheric corrosion ikona
with oval stumps, S235JR ikona
Production of steel and steel products -profile and flat bars DNV GL ikona
Continuously cast billets and slabs TÜV Nord AD2000 Merkblatt W0 ikona
Flat products from ferritic steel for pressure equipment AD2000 Merkblatt W0 ikona
Manufacture of carbon, C-Mn and alloy steels – Steelmaking, Semi-Finished Products Sections and Bars Lloyd´s Register EMEA ikona
Continuous casting billets for manufacturing of wheelsets and bogies Deutsche Bahn AG ikona
Production of continuously cast steel billets, hot rolled threaded steel bars and ribbed steel bars for the reinforcement of concrete CARES ikona
Road restraint systems TZUS Prague
TSUS Bratislava
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