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Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is performed in gas and electric furnaces. The furnaces are lined with fireclay lining, or fiber material lining. The process is controlled by PC and documented by heat treatment data logging.

Main types of heat treatment:

      - normalizing
      - soft annealing
      - stress relief annealing
      - stabilization annealing
      - dissolvent annealing
      - sferoidization annealing
OdrážkaRefining of carbon and alloyed steels
OdrážkaControlled carbon potential cementation
OdrážkaHardening of tooling steels up to the austenitization temperature of 1 200 °C
OdrážkaHardening of special and ledeburitic steels
OdrážkaHardening in the atmospheres
OdrážkaTempering in a salt bath


Production parameters

Maximum sizes of processing furnaces
Max. internal dimensions of chamber furnaces: width = 3 100 mm

length = 8 200 mm

height = 1 600 mm
Max. internal dimensions of cementation furnaces: diameter = 750 mm

height = 1 300 mm


Maximum sizes of cooling bath
Max. internal dimensions of the water bath: width = 2 900 mm

length = 9 000 mm

depth = 6 000 mm
Max. internal dimensions of the salt bath: width = 2 400 mm

length = 6 400 mm

depth = 800 mm


Product limits:

Depending on the internal dimensions of the furnaces and weight up to 20 000 kg.

More information:

Ing. Radomír Trvaj
T +420 59 568 3201
M +420 724 416 860

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