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    System Certification

    Liberty Ostrava a.s. Company was the first metallurgical company in the Czech Republic to introduce ISO 9000 standards... 1992.System Certification
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    Management System

    The integrated Management System of Quality, Environment and Health and Safety... Management System
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    System and the Health and Safety

    The Quality Management System, the Environment Management System and the Health and Safety... System and the Health and Safety
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    Declaration of Performance

    Manufacturer Liberty Ostrava issued following Declaration of performance... Declaration of Performance

Engineering Production

Engineering production division deals with production of mechanical assemblies and equipment, piece and small batch production and renewal of spare parts for heavy industry mainly steel making industry, mining industry and related segments.

The division ensures machining, production of gearing, heat treatment, millwright and bridge building work, fabrication of steel structures and welded pieces. Production is carried out on the basis of the drawings provided by the customer or prepared by us.

Our experience in the field of engineering production enable us to implement turn-key capex projects starting with preparation of a design, drawing documentation, production and assembly, including implementation of partnership disciplines of hydraulics, electrical and civil engineering work.

Parts of engineering production:

Odrážkagearing production
Odrážkafabrication of steel structures
Odrážkadesigning and project planning office
Odrážkanon-destructive testing

Protocols of the quality of material:

Odrážkastatement of compliance with the order
Odrážkameasurement protocol
Odrážkapressure test protocol
Odrážkaprotocol of hardness
Odrážkaprotocols for non-destructive testing (visual, ultrasonic, magnetic and capillary test)


OdrážkaCenter lathes – range of machined diameters up to 1 250 mm and the maximum turning length 12 000 mm (CNC: SPU 40 CNC, SUI 63 CNC)
OdrážkaVertical turret lathes – maximum machined diameter 5 000 mm, with the maximum height 2 990 mm, (CNC: SKJ 12 CNC, SKQ 20 CNC)
OdrážkaMilling machines – longitudinal travel up to 1 400 mm, cross shift of the table up to 450 mm (CNC: FGS 63 CNC)
OdrážkaHorizontal boring machines – spindle diameter 80, 100, 130, 160, 200, 250 and travel up 9 000 mm, (CNC: WH 10 CNC, WHN 13 CNC, W160 CNC)
OdrážkaRound grinding machines – up to the outer workpiece diameter 630 mm and length 3 000 mm
OdrážkaFlat grinding machines – maximum table area 600 x 3 000 mm with a longitudinal travel 3 000 mm
OdrážkaFRÖMAG vertical pull type broaching machines and tool sharpening grinder SAACKE

Gearing Production

OdrážkaExternal spur gearing: straight, skew, double skew with a gap, if required
OdrážkaMilling to 24 module, wheel diameter 2 500 mm and the width of straight tooth 800 mm
OdrážkaGrinding of gearing up to module 10 and the wheel diameter 500 m
OdrážkaInternal straight spur gear slotting: up to module 10 and gearing width 150 mm
OdrážkaInternal involute groove slotting: up to the gearing width 150 mm
OdrážkaBevel straight spur gear planning: up to module 30, max. wheel diameter 1 600 mm and gearing width 300 mm

Millwright Activities and Fabrication of Steel Structures

Manufacturing of all types of structures up to the weight of 50 000 kg and length of 20 000 mm. Other dimensions are limited by the width (6 300 mm) and height (5 800 mm) of the shop gate.

OdrážkaRoll bending of plates/sheets, tubes, and sections
OdrážkaPlates/sheets deburring up to the length 9 000 mm
OdrážkaMaterial cutting (shears, saws, flame cutting machines), straightening
OdrážkaFabrication of steel structures and pressure vessels of stable group A, B category IV
OdrážkaFabrication of steel structures for road and railway bridges
OdrážkaFabrication of lifting equipment and crane runways
OdrážkaFabrication of pipelines
OdrážkaManufacturing of complete gearboxes, including run tests
OdrážkaManufacturing of complete hydraulic cylinders and simple hydraulic components
OdrážkaElectric arc welding by method 111, gas shielded arc welding by method 135, submerged arc welding with a wire electrode by method 121
OdrážkaSurfacing of rolls and shafts

Designing and Project Planning Office

The Engineering Production Unit includes a Designing and Project Planning Office that prepares drawing documentation up to the level of detailed design documentation in the area of mechanical part and steel structures.

More information:


Radim Holoubek
T +420 595 683 400
M +420 776 131 084
F +420 595 685 044


Michal Bubík
T +420 595 682 926
M +420 720 747 551
F +420 595 685 044

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