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    ArcelorMittal Ostrava a.s. Company was the first metallurgical company in the Czech Republic to introduce ISO 9000 standards... 1992.System Certification
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    The integrated Management System of Quality, Environment and Health and Safety... Management System
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    Declaration of Performance

    Manufacturer ArcelorMittal Ostrava issued following Declaration of performance... Declaration of Performance

Declaration of Performance

Manufacturer ArcelorMittal Ostrava issued following Declaration of performance (DoP) in accordance with EU Regulation No. 350/2011 on steel products for construction and steel structure with effect from 1 July 2013.

Certificates of production control for hot-rolled products of non-alloy steels according to EN 10025-1:2005 issued by TZÚS Prague, Notified Body 1020. The quality of the products in the assortment of FLAT (AM FCE) and LONG (AM LCE) are labeled with the CE mark and attached No. DoP.

Grade No. DoP - LONG Products
- Sections/Bars/ *Wire Rod
No. DoP - FLAT Products
S 235JR AMOS-2/01-CPR-13-1 AMOS-2/101-CPR-13-1
S 235JR * AMOS-WR2/01-CPR-13-1 * -
S 235J0 AMOS-2/02-CPR-13-1 AMOS-2/102-CPR-13-1
S 235J2 AMOS-2/03-CPR-13-1 AMOS-2/103-CPR-13-1
S 275JR AMOS-2/04-CPR-13-1 AMOS-2/104-CPR-13-1
S 275J0 AMOS-2/05-CPR-13-1 AMOS-2/105-CPR-13-1
S 275J2 AMOS-2/06-CPR-13-1 AMOS-2/106-CPR-13-1
S 355JR AMOS-2/07-CPR-13-1 AMOS-2/107-CPR-13-1
S 355J0 AMOS-2/08-CPR-13-1 AMOS-2/108-CPR-13-1
S 355J2 AMOS-2/09-CPR-13-1 AMOS-2/109-CPR-13-1
S 355K2 AMOS-2/10-CPR-13-1 -
S 355M AMOS-4/03-CPR-13-1 -
S 355J0W AMOS-5/01-CPR-13-1 AMOS-5/101-CPR-13-1
S 355J2W AMOS-5/02-CPR-13-1 AMOS-5/102-CPR-13-1
S 355K2W AMOS-5/03-CPR-13-1 -
S235J0W - AMOS-5/104-CPR-13-1
S235J2W - AMOS-5/105-CPR-13-1
S235J0WP - AMOS-5/106-CPR-13-1
S235J2WP - AMOS-5/107-CPR-13-1

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