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Project "Journey to zero"

Journey to Zero

LogoLiberty has introduced the Journey to Zero (JTZ) project in response to the H&S corporate track record in the last few years. The project involves the leveraging of learning and sharing the best H&S practices across entire organisation. It is a continuous process in which each employee at any level has a role to play.

One of the first units to join the Journey to Zero was Liberty Ostrava a.s. and its subsidiaries. The target is to eliminate fatalities and reduce the frequency rate and the time lost on account of injuries. Other targets include the reduction of the risk of occupational diseases occurrence and the occurrence of occupational diseases itself. The targets apply both to all employees of Liberty Ostrava including subsidiaries and contractors.

The Journey to Zero principles are listed in the CEO´s Instruction 2009/01 - Policy and Objectives of the Integrated Management System for 2009.

An Liberty database has been created for the H&S track record and trends where the particulars of lost-time injuries and injuries without lost time are entered including the number of days lost on account of an accident, based on which the severity rate is determined.

Liberty has drawn up operating standards for the prevention of industrial accidents. The standards cover areas such as work at heights, work in confined spaces, housekeeping, crane transport, the system of work with contractors, and railway and road transport. An operating standard dealing with shop-floor audits and layered audits has also been issued. Its purpose is communication support, employee engagement and the checking of safety at work. These operating standards are being progressively integrated into Liberty Ostrava´s controlled documents and put in practice followed by individual plants.

The representatives of employees organized in Trade Union actively support the project and since the beginning of 2009, among other things, they have carried out behaviour-based audits at their plants.

In 2009 the company focuses on the support of the health of the company employees. In the light of this focus, various programmes and initiatives will be held from April 20, 2009. These will culminate on April 28, 2009, which is the World Day for Health and Safety at Work. The central theme will be the area of health and sanitation at work. On this day, all company employees will be able to take part in the programme organized, which will include e.g. rehabilitation workout, promotion of new types of PPE, lectures, and sampling of wholesome food. The programme will also include a survey the purpose of which will be to find out how much the company employees know about wholesome diet, sports and a healthy lifestyle.

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