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    1942 - history of currently the largest metallurgical company in the Czech Republic... The Company History
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Cold Rolling FM

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Křižíkova 1377
738 01 Frýdek - Místek
Česká republika


Telephone exchange
Phone: +420 558 481 111
Fax: +420 558 482 309

We are a traditional producer of steel for electrotechnics

The joint-stock company Cold Rolling FM is a traditional producer of steel for electrotechnics. Our manufacturing tradition dates back to the period of the World War II when the technology was being developed and first coils were manufactured in 1946 already. In addition to dynamo steel being particularly used for the production of electric motors, rotors and stators, we are a company proud of the fact that it is ranked among thirteen world producers of transformer sheets used for transformers. The production of this steel gets through a highly demanding process both in technical and time terms, that's why only a few companies managed to get this technology under control and get necessary know-how for successful production. At present, ArcelorMittal Frýdek-Místek a.s. realizes an investment amounting to hundreds of millions CZK with respect to which our production will increase to 60 000 t of transformer steel and 32 000 t of dynamo steel per year.

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System Certification of the Company

  • EN ISO 9001:2008 – BUREAU VERITAS
    EN ISO 14001:2004 – BUREAU VERITAS

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Public Relations

We are a modern company with big ambitions

ArcelorMittal Frýdek-Místek a.s. is a significant manufacturer of cold-rolled sheets. Deep-drawing steels, steels for electrotechnics and galvanized earth strips and wires represent our production portfolio. The ArcelorMittal Frýdek-Místek a.s. products are successfully supplied to our domestic market and also international market.

The company's long-term goal consists in a prosperous, well-performed and marketing-managed company satisfying our company's needs and expectations with an emphasis on quality, timeliness of supplies and optimization of payment terms and conditions. The company management respects environmental requirements.

The company's development is focused on the areas as follows:

Innovation: innovation processes are aimed at quality increase and utility value of our products, which enables us to reach higher production profitability together with an effective company business policy

Modernization: Modernization: modernization processes are aimed at renewal of technology installations and devices for electrical sheet production so that they could satisfy our customer's demands and meet technology standards with their utility characteristics

Quality: improving our company's process model certified in compliance with EN ISO 9001:2000, we thus contribute to better company management

Business: satisfying our customer's needs particularly in the areas as follows:
- timeliness of deliveries
- technical service
- regular contacts - communication
- regular contacts - communication
- information to clients
- variability of deliveries
- regular evaluation of our customer's satisfaction
- fast dispatching time

Environment: by controlling environmental aspects of our activities and communicating regularly with public administration authorities, we fulfill requirements of the ISO EN 14001standard. We dispose old environmental burdens and permanently reduce utilization of natural sources

Employees Safety and Education: Employees Safety and Education: establishing a friendly working environment and providing our employees with proper trainings and education, we head towards the BOZ certified system in compliance with OHSAS 18001

Company History


Short history

• 1833 - Charles Iron Mill
• 1991 - Válcovny plechu a.s.
• 1998 - Nová huť, a.s. became the majority shareholder
• 2005 - Mittal Steel Ostrava, a.s. became the majority shareholder

Sufficient iron ore deposits in the valleys of the Beskydy mountains and then the discovery of the high-quality bituminous coal and introduction of its excavation led to the foundation of the metallurgical industry in the Northern Moravia. One of the iron-mills, called “The Charles Iron-mill” after its founder, archduke Charles Frederick, came into existence as soon as in 1833 within the limits of the Lískovec village near Frýdek-Místek, which represents the beginning of Válcovny plechu Frýdek-Místek (VPFM).

Since its foundation VPFM went through several changes and finally specialized in production of a large scale of grades and designs of hot rolled thin and thick steel sheets and plates. The company development experienced a significant change in the sixties. The cold-rolling mill (including pickling, annealing and final treatment) was built producing not only low-carbon steel sheets, but also stainless steel sheets and silicon steel sheets with oriented structure specially designed for electrical industry.

The company Válcovny plechu having been owned by the state became a joint-stock company in 1991. In the nineties, the company suffered the consequences of decrease in the metallurgical production in the Central Europe and many changes in its management. Different standpoints within its top managers and controversies related to company management brought about considerable uncertainties concerning its future strategic orientation. Uncertain ownership and management structure even increased these problems, which finally resulted in financial difficulties in particular. As a result, the company production decreased to 50% in comparison with the situation in the early nineties.

The extraordinary general meeting held in October 1999 led to stabilization and settlement of mutual relations among the shareholders. In consequence, a new supervisory board elected a new board of directors which then appointed the company new management.

Further development of VPFM directly witnesses these changes. There was initiated a profound restructuring process leading to a decrease in the number of management levels and employees. Financial problems ware being solved based on tolling financing. This tolling settlement represented the only way for VPFM to get input materials and generally continued until LNM took over a major share in Nová huť and VPFM.

In July 2005, the final change related to property shares was realized. Mittal Steel Ostrava bought a share of state companies ČKA, a.s. (16,97% of shares) and KONPO, s.r.o. (25,42 % of shares). The company Mittal Steel Ostrava thus became the owner of 33 774 363 pcs. of shares the total nominal value of which represents 98,15% of its basic capital.

On December 22, 2005, the extraordinary general meeting approved a transfer of all shares owned by other shareholders to the major shareholder. In April, the company Mittal Steel Ostrava became 100% owner of the company Válcovny plechu.

The company Válcovny plechu is an integral part of business and development policies of the Mittal Steel group and synergic effect still develops, which brings a long-time prospect for our company.

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